Jenny Andersen





Thanks for visiting!  I offer private weekly instruction to voice, accordion and piano students, as well as group music instruction, at two studios within the B.C. Lower Mainland area. 

My Mission:

To work with each student in a comfortable environment best fitting their individual abilities and musical interests.  I aim to provide an emphasis on proper technique and musicianship, as well as an opportunity to explore different elements of performance, in a manner which allows my students to freely and confidently express themselves through the “universal language” of music. 

My primary goal is to keep students involved and excited about music for the long term and throughout their lifetime!

Instruments/Disciplines Taught: 

Voice – this is my principal instrument.  I accept students of all levels/styles from age 10 to adult.  Students 10 years of age and under who are interested in voice lessons can register in a "pre-voice" lesson, combining voice, piano, sight-reading and musicianship skills.

Sight-Singing/Musicianship - one of my biggest musical passions is unlocking a new piece of music, and I think it's an ability which everyone can develop.  I offer coachings and lessons to assist with reading music notation (particularly vocal music) in a simple and systematic way.

Accordion – I teach beginner to intermediate accordion (piano accordion only). 

Piano – I teach beginner to intermediate (RCM Grade 6) piano.

Theory – I currently teach up to RCM Grade 2 Rudiments.

Teaching Locations/Days:  

Vancouver Studio (Private Studio):  Tuesdays/Wednesdays 2:00-8:30 p.m. (all lessons by appointment only)

Music Box Music and Theatre Academy, New Westminster:  Mondays/Thursdays 2:00-5:30 p.m.  Please contact the Music Box directly at 604-553-1176 if you are interested in taking lessons through their New Westminster studio.  

Vancouver Studio:  7105 Clarendon St., Vancouver, BC